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iPad support

May 29, 2010 Comments off

At long last, the iPad has been released in the UK! I managed to pick one up yesterday and have started playing around with what it can do. While it can support each of my apps already at their iPhone/iPod Touch resolution, they do look small in the middle of the screen. Running these at 2x resolution looks pretty poor since the fonts aren’t properly scaled. Over the next month or two, I will be planning some updates to take advantage of those extra pixels!

Account Tracker 2.1 now available

May 13, 2010 Comments off

Account Tracker icon Added support for annual budgets, i.e. a view of spending, income and transfers a year at a time. When on the current month, select the date at the bottom and the display will change to an annual view (January to December) rather than per month. The app will remember which you last used.

Minor UI changes to the Account and Transaction screens. On the Account screen, a lot of common actions are now available by selecting the blue buttons. You can copy/clone any transaction to today’s date, move a transaction to tomorrow (if it hasn’t happened yet) or move a transaction to any other date. To edit the other fields in a transaction, select the row itself, not the blue button.

Also added a quicker way to delete transactions. Again on the Account screen, simply swipe a transaction from left to right (or vice versa), then select the red Delete button. For recurring transactions, you get the option to either delete the entire series or just the selected occurrence.

The Transaction screen now lets you edit the account itself (credits and debits only, transfers already support this).

Minor bug fixes.

Backups and iTunes

May 11, 2010 Comments off

Every time you sync your device with iTunes, your application data and settings are backed up to your computer. There is a good article from Apple about how this works – see However there are pitfalls, and it is easy to lose things.

The main issue is that only one backup is stored per device. You can see these in iTunes by going to iTunes->Preferences->Devices (or on Windows, Edit->Preferences->Devices). If you delete an application from your device, then do a sync, your backup will be overwritten and your data lost. Also if you have to restore your device completely and you set it up as a new device, your first sync after the restore will overwrite your previously backed up data.

There are a couple of things you can do to prevent this data loss. First of all is to make sure you back up your backups! These are stored in your home folder, under Libraries/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup (or on Windows XP, \Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\ and on Vista, \Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\). To manually restore a backup, copy the one you want into this folder, then in iTunes, right click on your device and select Restore from Backup…

Secondly if you have to reset/restore your device completely, make sure you don’t set it up as a new device. Always select the restore from backup option.

To do a manual backup from iTunes, right click on your device and select Back Up.

If all of this sounds scary, there is a better option available in each of my apps (free in Account Tracker, and as an in-app purchase for Hill Lists and Meter Readings). The Backup and Restore feature is essentially a more reliable way of backing up and exporting your data than iTunes itself. Should the worst happen, it is very easy to import and restore this data.

For more information, please browse the application pages.

Hill Lists 1.8.1 now available

May 10, 2010 Comments off

Added more links to the Walk Highlands website to provide additional hill data and route information. As well the Munros, version 1.8.1 adds the Corbetts, Grahams, Wainwrights, Hewitts and most of the Trail 100.

I also made some minor speed improvements while loading the database, or rather the addition of the above won’t slow it down any further!

On the subject of Munros, best of luck to Stephen Pyke (aka Spyke) who is currently attempting to climb all 283 of them in a continuous round of about 40 days! You can follow his progress on his blog.

Meter Readings and historical tariffs

May 8, 2010 Comments off

Meter Readings icon One of the most requested features for Meter Readings is support for retaining historical tariff and rate information. The only way this is supported today is by adding a separate meter, but it would be far better if the app could cope with tariff and rate changes on the same meter. I am working on this now and hope to have it available in the next release.

In case you are wondering why it wasn’t supported from day 1, basically the app was originally designed to track usage, and the cost bit was only added to show what your usage was currently costing.