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iOS 4 is out!

June 21, 2010 Comments off

Apple have just released a new version of their iPhone/iPod Touch operating system, namely iOS 4. Before you upgrade, make sure your device is properly backed up using iTunes, and more importantly take a copy of that backup. My Backups and iTunes post describes where iTunes backups are stored.

Even better, each of my apps supports a backup and restore feature – this is included in Account Tracker, and is a minimally priced in-app purchase in Hill Lists and Meter Readings. If you have this feature, backup your data and then get the backup file off your device and onto a computer, either by email or WiFi. Should the worst happen you can easily restore this later.

If you do upgrade to iOS 4 and find that one of my apps doesn’t work as expected, please let me know ASAP, either via my contact page or the application support pages. I will keep the latter updated with all known issues.

Hill Lists 2.0 now available

June 17, 2010 Comments off

Added iPad support. Note that to do this as a universal/free upgrade, this new version only supports devices running iPhone OS 3.0 or above.

When displaying a map of the selected hill, added options to also show surrounding hills (within 25 miles), the rest of the selected section or all sections. For hills found using the Search feature, this defaults to surrounding hills (since no list is selected).

Account Tracker 2.2 now available

June 4, 2010 Comments off

Account Tracker icon Added support for annual reports. When viewing the current month, select the date at the bottom and the display will change to an annual view (January to December) rather than per month. The app will remember which you last used. To switch back, select the current year at the bottom.

Improved the text layout on the spending, incoming and transfers report screens (previously large numbers might have been truncated).

The app will now remember the account you are currently viewing, so when you relaunch it you will go straight to that account.

On the transaction screen you can now convert a one-off transaction into a recurring one (and vice versa).

Alert limits can now be set to values greater than 0 (previously it was 0 or negative only).

When manually reconciling transfers, you can now choose to reconcile each account separately, rather than the app assuming that both events happen together.

Improved the help text for new users.

Minor bug fixes and UI improvements.

iPad support – new apps or upgrades?

June 1, 2010 Comments off

Application developers have two main options when it comes to iPad applications. Either produce a completely new application (e.g. Account Tracker “HD”) that will be charged for in the normal way, or produce what is called a “Universal” application that will support the iPad as well as current iPhone and iPod Touch devices. A universal app would typically be an upgrade for existing users.

My initial thoughts on this would be to produce universal updates, to get each of my apps working and taking advantage of the iPad’s bigger screen. However there is a slight issue. The development tools that you need to produce such an application no longer support iPhone OS 2.2.1 or below. If I went down this route, existing users with older iPod Touches would not be able to upgrade at all, and would therefore be stuck at the current versions.

How big an issue is this? All iPhone users can update their iPhone OS free of charge, but there is a nominal charge from Apple for older iPod Touch users (in the UK this is £2.99).

I would welcome your comments, especially if you are running an older iPhone OS version.

Meter Readings 2.2 now available

June 1, 2010 Comments off

Meter Readings icon By very popular request, added support for rate changes. On the meter settings screen, select the + button at the top right to copy your current rates into a Previous Rates section. From there you can edit the end date of each rate period. The current rates will remain, but you can edit these to reflect any changes. Multiple sets of rates are supported.

Improved the display of numbers to take into account your device’s region setting. Previously this worked for currency only, now it should handle all other numbers. If you think I’ve missed something here, please let me know!

Improved the descriptions around tariffs vs rates … etc. This has been confusing for some people, so I have replaced all references to tariffs to be the actual reading number (1, 2 or 3). Essentially tariffs are the number of readings you have to submit to your supplier, i.e. 1 for an all day tariff, 2 for day and night … etc.

Minor bug fixes.