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Account Tracker 2.2 now available

June 4, 2010 Comments off

Account Tracker icon Added support for annual reports. When viewing the current month, select the date at the bottom and the display will change to an annual view (January to December) rather than per month. The app will remember which you last used. To switch back, select the current year at the bottom.

Improved the text layout on the spending, incoming and transfers report screens (previously large numbers might have been truncated).

The app will now remember the account you are currently viewing, so when you relaunch it you will go straight to that account.

On the transaction screen you can now convert a one-off transaction into a recurring one (and vice versa).

Alert limits can now be set to values greater than 0 (previously it was 0 or negative only).

When manually reconciling transfers, you can now choose to reconcile each account separately, rather than the app assuming that both events happen together.

Improved the help text for new users.

Minor bug fixes and UI improvements.