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iOS 4 is out!

June 21, 2010 Comments off

Apple have just released a new version of their iPhone/iPod Touch operating system, namely iOS 4. Before you upgrade, make sure your device is properly backed up using iTunes, and more importantly take a copy of that backup. My Backups and iTunes post describes where iTunes backups are stored.

Even better, each of my apps supports a backup and restore feature – this is included in Account Tracker, and is a minimally priced in-app purchase in Hill Lists and Meter Readings. If you have this feature, backup your data and then get the backup file off your device and onto a computer, either by email or WiFi. Should the worst happen you can easily restore this later.

If you do upgrade to iOS 4 and find that one of my apps doesn’t work as expected, please let me know ASAP, either via my contact page or the application support pages. I will keep the latter updated with all known issues.