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Account Tracker 2.3.1 now available

August 26, 2010 Comments off

Added a help button (and help page) to the main Accounts screen.

Made the most recent transaction more obvious on the individual account screens (highlighted in blue).

Improved the handling of the unlock screen when returning from background mode. Previously you might have seen the last screen you were viewing briefly before the unlock screen appears.

When entering the details and category fields, made the search an exact match, i.e. the character positions are important too. This makes it a bit quicker to home in on the one you want. In addition I have (hopefully) improved the way existing categories can be picked when setting the details field.

Relaxed the restriction about editing the pattern and start date of a recurring transaction. Instead, if you try to edit such a transaction that started in the past, you will simply get a warning message but can continue at your own risk!

Fixed a couple of bugs to do with exporting settings from the free to the full version on iOS 4 devices that support background tasks.

Added a default email address to the settings. This is only ever used to pre-populate the emails used to export backups or account statements, however it does speed things up.

Other minor UI improvements and bug fixes.

Meter Readings 2.4 now available

August 24, 2010 Comments off

Added the ability to import readings from a CSV file. To get these file onto your device though, you will need the additional Backup and Restore feature (a one-off purchase).

Added a default email address to the settings. This is only ever used to pre-populate the send email screen when exporting backups or readings, making it very quick to do.

Added an option to force line graphs to have a minimum value of 0 (rather than the actual minimum which could be higher). While this shows more whitespace on the graphs, it gives a more realistic view of changes in usage and costs.

Added a help screen (select the i button on the Meters screen), as well as a number of popup windows that should help new users get started.

Fixed a bug that prevented entering numbers with a leading decimal point (previously you needed to enter these as 0 point X …).

UI improvements and minor bug fixes.

Account Tracker 2.3 now available

August 8, 2010 Comments off

Added multi-tasking support for devices where this is supported (3GS and iPhone 4 only).

On devices running iOS 4, the app will now alert you about accounts getting close to their alert limits even if the app is not running. Note that this only works if you run it at least once every 28 days.

Extended budgets support to allow you to set and view budgets per account, per account group or across all accounts.

On the main Accounts screen, tapping the total at the bottom will switch the display between today’s totals, reconciled totals only, minimum balance in the next 1-2 months, and available balance (current balance minus the alert limit, e.g. for credit card limits).

When adding a transaction and setting the details field, you can now quickly set the category too. Simply select the pair you want, or choose (other) if you are wanting to add a new category.

By popular request I have added the ability to set your month start date for reports and budgets (from the 1st through the 28th). Yearly reports and budgets will continue to run from 1st January through 31st December.

Added a switch to the monthly cash flow report to view either 6 or 12 months ahead.

Improved the help text for new users.

In the free version, increased the transaction limit to 25.

Other UI improvements.