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Meter Readings 2.4 now available

August 24, 2010 Comments off

Added the ability to import readings from a CSV file. To get these file onto your device though, you will need the additional Backup and Restore feature (a one-off purchase).

Added a default email address to the settings. This is only ever used to pre-populate the send email screen when exporting backups or readings, making it very quick to do.

Added an option to force line graphs to have a minimum value of 0 (rather than the actual minimum which could be higher). While this shows more whitespace on the graphs, it gives a more realistic view of changes in usage and costs.

Added a help screen (select the i button on the Meters screen), as well as a number of popup windows that should help new users get started.

Fixed a bug that prevented entering numbers with a leading decimal point (previously you needed to enter these as 0 point X …).

UI improvements and minor bug fixes.