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Account Tracker 2.4 now available

September 14, 2010 Comments off

Added multi-currency support. Each account can now have its own currency, and for transfers between currencies, you can set the sending and receiving amounts separately, or enter/lookup the exchange rate to calculate the receiving amount. For non-transfers, you can set the currency of the transaction (e.g. if you are spending abroad). You can then set the foreign and account amounts separately, or enter/lookup the exchange rate to calculate the account amount.

NOTE: if you change an existing account’s currency and you find that all of its transaction values are out by a factor of 10 or 100, please get in touch via my contact page. I have a quick (hidden) fix to help you.

When selecting the current balance on the main Accounts screen, you are now presented with various options (today’s total, above alert limit, minimum and reconciled only) rather than it taking you through them one at a time.

Added a quick “Move to today” to the account screen.

Changed the cash flow report to exclude transfers if these are between accounts included in the same report (e.g. the all accounts report).

Fixed a bug where the quick restart option was not working on older devices.

Other bug fixes and UI improvements.

Account Tracker multi-currency support

September 3, 2010 Comments off

Its been on my todo list for a while, and its now almost finished!

Each account will have a currency setting, and the account group and overall totals will be calculated using up-to-date exchange rates.

For transfers between accounts in different currencies, you will be able to set the sending and receiving amounts separately, or you can set the exchange rate and the receiving amount will be calculated automatically. You will also be able to lookup and use the current exchange rate.

When spending abroad, you will be able to enter transactions in a different currency to your account, and in a similar way to transfers above, set the two amounts separately, or set and lookup the exchange rate.

Budgets and reports will be presented in your default currency, since these are typically run across multiple accounts.

All of this will be in version 2.4 coming soon!