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Meter Readings 2.5 now available

October 27, 2010 Comments off

Re-organised the user interface to put all the main functionality of the app onto the “usage and costs” screen. From there you can now add readings, go to your settings, view the help file, make backups and (if you are in the UK) do price comparisons. You should only need to go back to the Meters screen to add, rename or remove meters, or to manually select a meter. And you really only need to select a meter if you have lots of them, since you can easily swipe left/right to switch between your meters.

Simplified the Readings screen to make it more readable.

Added the ability to enter your own billed units, for those of you tracking things like weight, mileage, … etc.

Added a few more currencies.

Other minor UI changes and bug fixes.

Hill Lists 2.1 now available

October 19, 2010 Comments off

Added the ability to import your own list of hills ticked as a CSV file. To get the file onto your device you will need my backup and restore feature (for which there is a very small one-off charge). You will also need to use the hill numbers as defined by the Database of British Hills as this is really the only way to uniquely identify them. For file formats … etc, please see my support pages (specifically here).

Added the New Donalds list, which is not specifically called out in the Database of British Hills. The New Donalds are a subset of the Donalds and Donald Tops.

Added a map link to the list view (and moved the Quick Edit button to the lower right of the screen).

Added “section” counts to the list view (enclosed in square brackets). I personally find this really useful.

The app now remembers how you last sorted and filtered your lists (e.g. climbed or unclimbed), and what your map preference is (classic, satellite or hybrid).

In the hill view, it now shows which lists the hill is in.

Moved setting your default location to the Location screen itself.

Added a default email address to the settings, to make exporting quicker.

Other minor UI improvements and the odd bug fix.

Finally I have managed to get approval to use the Irish hill list data from so watch out for this in my next update!

NOTE – if you have my backup feature, please take a backup and export it from your device before updating.

Meter Readings and supplier switching

October 14, 2010 Comments off

For users in the UK, version 2.4.1 makes it very easy to compare what you are currently spending against energy supplier prices in your area. Once you have configured your postcode per meter, all it takes is a single tap to see how much you could save, something you could easily do once a month or so. And if you decide to switch suppliers, I have tried to make this as simple as possible by pre-populating most of the data you need.

Give this feature a try and let me know how much you can save!

Average saving per customer so far is £366.44!

Account Tracker 2.5 now available

October 13, 2010 Comments off

Added support for both weekly and biweekly/fortnightly budgets and reports. Set the week start day on the settings screen (defaults to Monday), then to set the period you are interested in, select the date shown at the bottom of the budgets or reports screen. Note there are two biweekly/fortnightly views, since a given date can be in two separate periods.

Added support for importing transaction data from a CSV file. See the help screen or my web site for details on file formats … etc. To get a CSV file onto your device, you will need to use the Import by WiFi option on the backup screen. The file can then be selected and imported as a CSV file (rather than restored as a backup).

Extended the options available for the default look ahead period. You can now choose to go right out to +13 months (previously it was +2 months).

Added a quick “getting started” tour that takes you through the main features and screens of the application.

Added a few more currencies (e.g. XCD was requested).

Other minor changes and improvements to the user interface.

Meter Readings 2.4.1 now available

October 2, 2010 Comments off

For users in the UK only, added a feature that lets you compare your own usage and costs against energy supplier prices in your area. Once you have configured your meter type and postcode per meter, you can quickly find out the cheapest deal, either for electricity, gas or dual fuel. The app can then take you to website to give you a specific quote based on your current supplier and tariff, from where you can actually switch online, either right from your device, or by emailing a link to yourself to do this on a computer. All very simple and a very useful addition to help you save even more money!

Fixed the labels on the graphs to better support readings going back multiple years. This has been tested with readings going back to 1989!

Minor bug fixing and UI changes.