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Account Tracker 2.5 now available

October 13, 2010 Comments off

Added support for both weekly and biweekly/fortnightly budgets and reports. Set the week start day on the settings screen (defaults to Monday), then to set the period you are interested in, select the date shown at the bottom of the budgets or reports screen. Note there are two biweekly/fortnightly views, since a given date can be in two separate periods.

Added support for importing transaction data from a CSV file. See the help screen or my web site for details on file formats … etc. To get a CSV file onto your device, you will need to use the Import by WiFi option on the backup screen. The file can then be selected and imported as a CSV file (rather than restored as a backup).

Extended the options available for the default look ahead period. You can now choose to go right out to +13 months (previously it was +2 months).

Added a quick “getting started” tour that takes you through the main features and screens of the application.

Added a few more currencies (e.g. XCD was requested).

Other minor changes and improvements to the user interface.