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Account Tracker 2.6 now available

November 30, 2010 Comments off

Added support for “bill reminders”. Basically each transaction now has a reminder switch, and if this is turned on, the Accounts screen will report the number of days until the next such transaction (1-28 days warning). This also ties in with the way I alert users if any of their accounts are going to hit their alert limits, i.e. you can configure the app to send you an alert a few days in advance. The latter is done in the background for supported devices, otherwise it happens when you launch the app.

For those of you with devices that can run apps in the background (e.g. the iPhone 4), added the ability to make automatic backups. These are made in the background after you close the application if the latest backup is older than the configured number of days (1-7). Note that backups will only protect you if you export them off your device, so please don’t forget to do this from time to time. You have been warned!!

Fixed a bug where the starting balance in the reports was incorrectly calculated when you have accounts in other currencies (thanks to Bob Hooper for reporting this – I am surprised I didn’t notice it myself!!).

Corrected a few minor issues caused by the introduction of spending refunds.

Hill Lists 2.2 now available

November 24, 2010 Comments off

Added support for a number of hill lists in Ireland totalling 1055 hills. Many thanks to Simon Stewart for permission to use this data from

Added a help page, with a brief description of how to use the application, as well as descriptions for each of the lists. Just tap on the i button at the top right of the main screen.

Minor UI changes.

If you have my backup feature, I would recommend taking a backup and exporting this off your device before updating.

NOTE – iOS 4.2.1 is now out and this has introduced a couple of minor display issues on the iPad version only (see my support page for details). I will fix these in my next update.

Meter Readings 2.5.1 now available

November 9, 2010 Comments off

By popular request, I have put back the ability to view readings by their daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly equivalents. Sorry for removing this in version 2.5.

While doing the above, I have moved the way you select your “bill” readings – this is now on the add/edit reading screen as a switch (ON/OFF). To view usage and costs between bills, you now access this from the same place as your last and next bill (icon at the bottom left of the readings screen).

Also moved the meter editing functionality (add, remove, rename, reorder) to the settings screen – just select the Edit button. The old Meters screen is now just a quick way to jump to a specific meter, rather than scrolling/swiping left and right.

Fixed a couple of bugs in passing.

Account Tracker 2.5.1 now available

November 8, 2010 Comments off

Mainly performance and useability improvements and a few small bugs fixes. But also …

Added support for refunds (check out the left facing arrow on the transaction screen). These are essentially income transactions but they are treated as negative spending in the budgets and reports.

Added settings for choosing the pair of weeks (for biweekly/fortnightly budgets and reports) and for how to handle reconciling transfers.

As with all updates, I would recommend taking a backup and exporting it off your device before updating.