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Account Tracker 2.7 now available

December 17, 2010 Comments off

Added iPad support as a Universal update, i.e. free to existing users. Sorry it took me so long!

Added support for iTunes file sharing – this means that you can now export and import backup and CSV files using iTunes itself, rather than having to use the WiFi functionality built into the app. You can however still use WiFi if you prefer.

Fixed two bugs to do with calculating the balances of reconciled transactions.

Minor improvements to the user interface.

Meter Readings and rate changes

December 12, 2010 Comments off

In the UK, a lot of suppliers are increasing their rates just now (e.g. Scottish Power on 25th November, SSE on 1st December, British Gas on 10th December and npower on 4th January 2011).

To update your rates in the app, go to the Settings screen, select your meter then scroll to the bottom of the page. Tap on the row that says “Copy current to …. today”. This will create a copy of your current rates and add a new row that says “Rates to …. (today’s date)”. The app will then use your “old” rates up to “today”, and your current rates from “tomorrow” onwards. Once you have copied your rates, you are then free to edit your current rates to reflect what you supplier is now charging you.

Over time you could end up with multiple sets of rates, applying to different periods. You can edit the dates to which they apply (or even your old rates) by selecting the Previous Rates rows.

Hill Lists 2.2.1 now available

December 9, 2010 Comments off

Updated the UK database to version 11.5 (very minor changes that remove two Deweys and one Marilyn).

Fixed two minor display issues on the iPad version as a result of the iOS 4.2.1 update.

Other minor UI fixes.

Meter Readings for usage-based meters

December 3, 2010 Comments off

Included in version 2.6 is a test meter type that assumes readings are actual usage. This could be very useful for tracking oil, fuel in your car, broadband data usage, weight … etc.

If you would like to try this and would be willing to provide feedback, please let me know.

Meter Readings 2.6 now available

December 3, 2010 Comments off

For those of you with an iPhone 4, I have added a setting to turn on the rear-facing torch when entering readings. This should be very useful if your meters are in a dark cupboard! Also if you were thinking of buying one of the many Torch applications, you can now save your money instead!! 🙂

Improved the way you set up your meter type. It now includes the number of readings you submit to your supplier and the labels to use for each one (e.g. Day and Night). Simply select the meter type in the settings.

Fixed a bug where dual fuel price comparisons weren’t working properly when accessed from your gas meter.

Other minor tweaks and bug fixes.