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Account Tracker 2.8 now available

January 6, 2011 Comments off

Happy New Year to you all! Please read this fully as you need to be aware of a BEHAVIOUR CHANGE introduced in this release to do with opening balances.

As with all updates, please TAKE A BACKUP and EXPORT this off your device before proceeding.

Split transactions – lets you use multiple categories against one transaction, and is supported for non-recurring transactions only (I might partly relax this restriction later, but it is quite complicated). Split amounts will be used in budgets and per-category reports, whereas the transaction amount will be used everywhere else. Splits can be enabled per transaction by selecting the new Category button on the transaction screen.

Notes per account – in the account settings, you can enter any text that you want to associate with that account.

Quickly select the Details field if you enter the Category first. Previously this only worked the other way round.

When searching an account, you can now search on the transaction amount.

In the reports, when selecting a more detailed view (the small i button at the top left of the screen), you can now sort the list alphabetically as well as by reducing amount.

Per-account opening balances have CHANGED. Instead of a separate “opening balance” transaction with a date, I have removed this and you now set the opening balance (without a date) in the account settings. This change should be transparent to most users, HOWEVER it is possible that you might have created transactions for an account prior to its old opening balance date. Previously these transactions would have been ignored, but they will now show up and will affect your running balance. There wasn’t an easy way to automatically fix this, so you might have to manually go and delete these early transactions, including the old Opening Balance transaction (which will have been set to 0).

Instead of highlighting the most recent transaction, I now highlight the most recent DAY in blue. This is done in the section header (when grouping by day) or the date (when grouping by month).

To help distinguish between reconciled and un-reconciled transactions, transactions are now displayed in two colours: gray or black. If your default lookahead period is off (i.e. you aren’t really interested in future transactions), I use black for reconciled and gray for un-reconciled. For any other lookahead period I use gray for reconciled and black for un-reconciled. If you hide reconciled transactions, all un-reconciled transactions will be shown in black.

CSV export and import improvements – there have been some reported issues with Excel not importing my CSV files (although you could always manually import them). Hopefully I have now fixed this issue. If anyone is still having problems, PLEASE use my support pages and get in touch.

Moved the user guide and tour to be more accessible from the Settings screen. In the user guide I have added links for leaving a review on iTunes. If you like my app, please consider doing this – it is very much appreciated!

Recurring transactions where you have edited an occurrence to be earlier than expected might not have been picked up in the Budget screens, or when drilling down to individual transactions in the Reports screen.

Exporting your data and settings from the free to the full version was not working on devices running iOS versions 3.1.3 and earlier.

Selecting weekly or fortnightly budgets or reports caused the app the crash if your region setting is Chinese.