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Account Tracker 2.9 now available

February 8, 2011 Comments off

By popular request, added support for syncing between devices using Bluetooth. This is basically an extension of the backup feature, and it lets you select and send a backup file directly from one device to another (e.g. between your iPhone and your iPad). Note that its not true syncing, since your data is overwritten (not merged), but it does simplify moving your data around. I am still investigating Dropbox support for a future release.

The files in the backups screen are now shown in REVERSE alphabetical order, so that your most recent backup is at the top (i.e. it will be visible).

More improvements to the budgets screen. By default it will show just those categories for which you have set a budget, however you can change this to show all categories using the All/Budgets button at the top left of the screen. I have also added a summary of spending, income and transfers in a new top section.

Improvements to the detailed reports screen (i.e. when you select the i button). I have added a summary of spending, income and transfers, as well as the various reports per category/detail all in the same table.

Export of budget and report information as a CSV file (e.g. you can now export things like “all spending in 2010”).

Fixed export of CSV files to ensure they are loaded in multiple columns. Please let me know if you still see issues here.

Made a subtle change to the semantics of the END ON date for recurring transactions. This now controls which OCCURRENCES are valid, rather than which EDITED DATES are valid. I only know of 12 people likely to be affected by this change (you know who you are!), however if others find that your balances have been changed or are incorrect as a result of this update, PLEASE get in touch ASAP via my support pages as there is a very quick way to work out what you need to do.

Performance improvements and bug fixes.