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Meter Readings 2.8 now available

February 27, 2011 Comments off

Improvements to the main screen to simplify how your current usage and costs compare to the average. Current now refers to the current point on the graph (i.e. day, week, month … etc), and average is the annual average by default. The Delta row gives a quick indication of whether current is above or below average.

If you have entered 2 years of readings or more, the graphs will now show your previous year’s data too, to help you compare more easily. This is shown as either a pale grey line or semi-hidden pale-grey bars, depending on the graph type.

Added support for two new meter types: Solar and Wind. In practice these are no different to Electricity except that the words Usage and Cost are replaced by Generation and Credit (which I hope makes more sense). If there i anything else that would help here, please let me know.

Added a new setting to let you choose between annual averages (i.e. the previous 12 months) or the average over the period of the graphs.

Improved the extrapolation calculations for quarters and years to use annual averages rather than current consumption.

The files in the backups screen are now shown in REVERSE alphabetical order, so that your most recent backup is at the top (i.e. it will be visible).

Subtle change to the application icon. I hope you like it!

Bug fixes and other minor improvements.