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Account Tracker 3.4 now available

November 19, 2011 Comments off

This update is mainly a user interface change, with a few bug fixes in passing. Also note that the minimum iOS version supported is now 3.1.3, due to the difficulty in testing older versions.

Moved the add transaction button to the bottom tab bar. This is now accessible no matter where you are in the app.

On the individual account screen, the current balance and all available options are shown on two toolbars (top and bottom). These can be hidden to show only the transactions by tapping on the up arrow button. Once hidden, tap on the down arrow to show them again.

The backups screen is now accessed via the Backups button on the Settings screen. Your Dropbox backups are now only shown once you tap the refresh button. iCloud support for backups will be coming in a future update.

Moved the various Help options behind a Help button on the Settings screen. Also added a quick link to leave a review on iTunes.

Fixed bugs to do with the Account screen on iOS 4.2.1, also an issue with the minimum balance looking further out than planned.