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Photo receipts

November 28, 2011 Comments off

I am thinking about adding support for photo receipts. While it is relatively easy to take a photo and associate it with a specific transaction, I don’t quite know how to handle backing them up (beyond the usual iTunes backup of my app data). Since photos tend to be quite large (and also numerous!), including them in my current backup solution would be impractical or even impossible. I can think of two solutions …

1) providing an option to copy these images to your saved photos/camera roll, accessible through the photos app, and therefore backed up to your computer separately. While this provides some additional level of security, if you ever had to retrieve them from your synced photos, there would be no way of associating them back to your transactions (because images don’t have names)

2) letting you make your own backups as and when you like. For example, a directory of images could easily be copied to your computer using iTunes file sharing

Of course both of these options are only an issue if you don’t fully trust iTunes to do its job of backing up (it does seem better than it was 2 years ago).

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