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I hope you are all enjoying the holiday period, and for those of you who celebrate Christmas, that Santa gave you lots of Apple goodies or iTunes vouchers to spend! 🙂

As a reminder, PLEASE don’t leave questions or support requests on iTunes as developers have no way of contacting you if you do (since reviews are anonymous). A lot of poor reviews are from people who simply get stuck and don’t reach out for help. Take for example this recent 1 star review for Meter Readings: “maybe I’m being stupid, but how do you add the prices per unit?”. I have no idea how they expected to get an answer, however the following steps would have helped them …

1) Account Tracker and Meter Readings both have Getting Started tours that are launched the first time you run the app. They only take a couple of minutes, and the question above was answered on the second screen! You can re-run these tours at any time.

2) All of my apps have built in user guides, covering all the main screens and features.

3) I appreciate that it can be difficult to read a user guide on a small screen, so they are also on my website, together with helpful screenshots. You have already found my website, but for the record there are links from each of my apps and from iTunes (the latter applies to all apps).

4) In the support page for each app, I have answered some frequently asked questions at the top, but there are also lots of user posted questions and answers. Chances are someone else had the same question as you, so you might just find your answer right there.

5) Failing all of the above, please use my contact page to send me an email. I usually respond in minutes (unless I am offline, driving or really busy). If I don’t respond within 24 hours, chances are you mistyped your email address (sadly this happens quite often!).

I hope this helps get you started (or unstuck!), and that you find my apps useful.