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Meter Readings 2.9.5 now available

January 14, 2012 Comments off

This is a relatively minor update to fix a few known bugs, and generally improve the help available in the app.

Added more tips throughout the app. If you are familiar with the way the app works, these can now be turned off in the settings. I have also added quite a few more “frequently asked questions and answers” on my support page, to help new users get the most out of the app.

By popular request, the app now plots last year’s figures even if you don’t have enough readings (the missing figures are assumed to be zero). This lets you compare the most recent periods with the previous year.

Fixed a bug to do with monthly reminders being a day out.

Fixed a crash when adding a new billed units.

Fixed a crash while exporting large numbers of readings as a CSV file.

If you don’t yet have the backups feature, just a reminder that this is a ONE-TIME purchase that lets you backup and restore your data as often as you want (despite the wording on the AppStore purchase screen). You can also use it to share data between your iPhone and iPad, or import existing readings from a CSV file.