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Account Tracker 3.5.1 now available

January 24, 2012 Comments off

This is a relatively minor update to fix a few known bugs, and to make some small improvements.

Enhanced the PDF reports to let you choose between the summary charts, the transactions themselves or everything together.

Added support for PIN recovery. Make sure you set your email address in the settings, as I can only help if you send me an email from this address.

Fixed a bug where the account balance at the bottom of the account screen was not being updated after copying, moving or deleting transactions using the blue buttons.

Fixed a bug where the order of transactions falling on the same day was not following the day order settings.

Fixed an issue with the VND exchange rates.

Fixed a crash when trying to generate very large PDF files. I now catch this and display a warning message that the PDF may be truncated.

If you don’t yet have the PDF Exports feature, just a reminder that this is a ONE-TIME purchase that lets you export PDF reports off your device as often as you want (despite the wording on the AppStore purchase screen). It can be accessed from the Balance Report at the top right of the screen.