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Account Tracker 3.7 now available

March 3, 2012 Comments off

Added iCloud support for transferring backups between devices. IMPORTANT NOTE: this DOES NOT automatically sync your transactions between devices. Rather it uses iCloud to let you move backup files around, much like Dropbox. Yes I know you all want automatic syncing, please be patient. 🙂

Added support for daily reports and budgets. The balance view is not particularly interesting (its a straight line!).

The budgets now support custom dates, and you can have a floating date of “today” as either the start or end date (just like the reports). Since the time period can vary, the budgets should be set to their annual equivalents and the app will pro-rate them down to the number of days from start to end.

Improvements to the splits screen, the balance graph itself and the way backups are handled, especially when using Dropbox and now iCloud. To sync data between devices, its one tap on the sending device and two taps on the receiving device.

Bug fixes, including correct handling of the KYD currency (that was a Yahoo bug!) and a problem to do with removing splits.