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iCloud and Backups

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Account Tracker 3.7 and Meter Readings 3.1 (coming soon) support iCloud for transferring backups between devices.

iCloud is available in iOS 5 and above, and it must be enabled in your device’s settings, under iCloud. While you are there, Documents & Data MUST be enabled to allow applications to store documents and data in iCloud. Also if you are using an iPhone or a 3G-enabled iPad, there is a setting to allow your cellular data connection to be used to transfer documents. Clearly if this is disabled, and you are not on WiFi, then NOTHING will be copied.

In my app(s), you need to turn iCloud on in the settings. Then on the Backups screen, new backups will automatically be copied to iCloud, and the list of files available will include those in iCloud.

To check this is all working, start off by making a backup on one device (call this A). Then close my app, launch the main settings app, select iCloud, then Storage & Backup then finally Manage Storage. You should see my app under Documents & Data. Selecting it will let you see the files.

Next check that the files have been “made available” on your other device (B) by checking the main settings app as above. It can take a short while for this to happen.

Finally, see that the files are shown in my app under Backups (device B). Remote files will be shown in grey, and selecting them will let you restore the backup. If the latter says the file is corrupt, chances are it has simply not been copied between devices yet, i.e. it is not available. I will improve this warning in my next update.

If this doesn’t correct itself over time, make sure you have a WiFi connection or cellular data is enabled in the main iCloud settings.