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Meter Readings 3.1 now available

March 17, 2012 Comments off

Added support for negative rates, which is likely to be useful when combining electricity consumption and generation on the same meter. In addition, you can now choose meter types where total usage is R1-R2 or (R1+R2)-R3 or (R1-R2)+R3.

Added iCloud support for transferring backups between devices as part of the Power User upgrade. Note that this DOES NOT automatically sync your data between devices. Rather it uses iCloud to let you move backup files around, much like Dropbox. If you use my Account Tracker app, you will be familiar with this.

Added a fix to allow the app to support truly large numbers of meters (100s) as part of the Pro User upgrade. The main restriction before was the amount of memory required to display the graphs, and of course the swipe interface was not so good for lots of meters. Now only 9 meters are included in the swipe display, but you can jump to any meter using the List button at the top left of the screen.

Retina support for the new iPad.

Minor bug fixes and small UI changes.