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Stocks and Shares Tracker?

July 17, 2012 Comments off

No, not a new app, just another new feature in Account Tracker …. the ability to look up stock prices and give you an up-to-date valuation for your holdings.

I had intended to add this as an in-app purchase at some stage, however it is not polished enough to do that, and I am sure there will be a few regional issues (e.g. US stocks are priced in USD and UK stocks are priced in pence not GBP). I therefore thought I’d just add it to the app as is.

Here is how it works …

1. Create an account for a stock you want to track, set its name to the stock ticker (e.g. AAPL) and the currency depending on the market it is traded in. Note that for UK stocks you need to put .L at the end (e.g. RBS.L or TSCO.L or VOD.L).

2. In the notes field, add the text


replacing the 100 with the number of shares you own.

3. The app will then treat this account like a foreign currency account, and it will periodically look up the share price and adjust the CURRENT balance based on the number of shares you hold. For example if you were lucky enough to have 100 AAPL shares, your current balance would be automatically calculated to be something like $60,000.

4. If you have multiple holdings, you can use the text


5. If you want the current balance set to your profit or loss instead, you can include the price you paid as follows …


That’s it really. Very simple to use and hopefully a useful addition for some of you.

Note: this is no longer supported.

Account Tracker 3.8.2 now available

July 16, 2012 Comments off

This is a minor update to fix a couple of recently reported issues.

ADDED a per-account setting to let you hide the cheque/check number field.

ADDED an option to delete an occurrence plus all future occurrences of a recurring transaction (i.e. end the series).

ADDED support for weekend adjustment when the recurring interval is on the same date every 2 or more months.

CHANGED the edit transaction screen to require you to save changes (or cancel). This is in response to a number of requests I’ve had to implement some kind of undo functionality. This change also makes it easier to track changes for syncing (coming VERY soon).

CHANGED the group totals to always convert to the default currency if you only have a single foreign account in the group.

CHANGED the red “zero” line on the balance graph for a single account to show your alert limit instead.

FIXED bugs to do with the tap and hold message appearing multiple times, transactions shown in black instead of grey while reconciling, plus a performance issue introduced in the last update.

Account Tracker and auto-syncing

July 5, 2012 Comments off

All of my apps support iCloud today, however this is really just a convenient way to share (backup) files between devices. With Account Tracker in particular, many of you want the ability to edit your data on whatever device you happen to pick up, and for all other devices to “see” those changes automatically. This all sounds simple of course, but it really is a VERY difficult problem to solve.

HOWEVER … I have now come up with a reasonably good design for this, based initially around iCloud. It will let you share your data between multiple devices (2 or more) linked to the same iCloud account, and your accounts and transactions will be synced automatically between them. I have already prototyped this solution, and it seems to work well.

I have just submitted version 3.8.2 to Apple, and this lays the groundwork for my syncing solution. This will be released as part of version 3.9, hopefully within the next month. Unless of course my wife drags me off on holiday … 🙂

UPDATE 1 (14 Aug): I did go on holiday (Munro bagging), and I watched the Olympics – sorry! The more I get into syncing, the more problems I am uncovering and its far from trivial!! Back on this full time now …

UPDATE 2 (28 Aug): please see my latest post about syncing.