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Syncing support in Account Tracker

October 17, 2012 Comments off

As you can probably tell, I have been somewhat busy recently. All of my apps needed updates to support the latest Dropbox APIs, otherwise this functionality would stop working in November/December. Then came iOS 6 which caused a few minor issues, and then (of course) the new iPhone/iPod Touch which have a different screen size. Keeping my existing apps working is my top priority!

On top of this, I have been testing the first release of Account Tracker for Windows Phone (now available). I am extremely pleased to say this is already the top paid personal finance app in the UK, the US, and a number of other countries (last time I checked, Canada, Australia, New Zealand … etc).

Account Tracker for the Mac has taken a back seat, as I’ve just not had the time. If anyone knows of an experienced OSX UI developer, perhaps this could be accelerated!

The next big feature coming soon is syncing. I have a solution for both Hill Lists and Meter Readings, but this won’t work very well for Account Tracker. My initial implementation will be based on iCloud and so can’t really be used for multiple people. However once I’ve done this, extending it to use Dropbox should be easy enough.

Please bear with me as I work through some final (and complex) issues. You really don’t want a solution that doesn’t work, or (worse) corrupts your data!

Account Tracker 3.8.4 now available

October 17, 2012 Comments off

Added support for the larger retina display on the iPhone 5 and the new iPod Touch. NOTE: the minimum iOS version is now 4.3.

Added support for the latest Dropbox APIs.

Changed the way you show/hide reconciled transactions. The tick button was causing a lot of confusion, so now this is only used to start reconciling. To switch between showing and hiding reconciled transactions, simply pull the transaction list down from the top (just like on the accounts screen). HINT: to quickly scroll to the top of the list, tap the left or right arrows (depending on how you sort your transactions).

Fixes to CSV handling, including support for exporting search results and sending attachments in a format less likely to be manipulated by email clients (e.g. by inserting blank lines between the exported data). Many thanks to Robina Qureshi for helping me debug this one!

Some minor tweaks to the colours used on the navigation bars. The black is slightly less black, and the blue is a bit more blue. Give the latter a try by turning off “Black Theme” in the settings.

Added a link to my Top 10 Tips from the Help button.

Minor fixes and improvements.

NOTE: if you are using the app on multiple devices, always update them together whenever a new version is released!