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Showing and hiding reconciled transactions

October 27, 2012 Comments off

Well I thought it was good idea, but clearly many of you don’t. Despite the “pull down, hold and release” technique being used widely across iOS apps, even Apple’s own Mail and Twitter apps, I am getting far too many complaints about this change. It seems that users just don’t understand what they need to do. I admit defeat. Sorry.

I hope to submit version 3.8.5 to Apple tomorrow (Sunday) that removes this feature from both the account and all accounts screens. By default the “tick” button will ask you what you want, i.e. reconcile now, hide reconciled transactions or show all transactions.

I am also vastly simplifying the main settings screen, and putting a lot of the more obscure settings under an Advanced option. I will include an option to “touch and hold” the tick button to switch modes.

I am also putting back the option to reverse the size of the transaction amount and running balance on the account screen.