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Syncing update

November 25, 2012 Comments off

Well, after about 4 months of thought and a few prototype implementations, I have FINALLY finished adding support for syncing. I want to spend the next week testing it to make sure it works as expected, but I have to say I am quite pleased with its simplicity. Turn it on, use the app as normal and you are notified if other devices have changed things. Two taps and these changes are merged.

This initial implementation only works with iCloud as the means for passing data between devices (Dropbox will come later). This means you can’t use it to share data between multiple people unless they all use the same iCloud account. Changes to accounts, budgets and transactions are tracked and shared between devices. It supports one primary device and multiple secondary devices.

The only two things it won’t sync are your settings and anything to do with account groups or account order. However these are not things that change often.

It will be available in around 2 weeks as an in-app purchase.

UPDATE (2nd December) – testing has gone well and all is working as expected. Should be submitted to Apple in a few more days.