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2012 highlights

December 31, 2012 Comments off

As another year draws to a close, there have been fewer awards than in 2011 but just as much work!

I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and a healthy and prosperous 2013!

Here are some statistics for the year …

133,417 views of my website
994 views on the most popular day (16th December)
280 images uploaded (mainly screenshots)
196 tweets
157 countries viewed my website
78 new posts
26 new Munros climbed (Scottish hills over 3000ft, I have 74 to go out of 282!)
25 app updates in total (1 every 2 weeks!)
11 updates to Account Tracker (3.5.1 through 3.9)
6 updates to Meter Readings (2.9.5 through 3.2.1)
6 updates to Hill Lists (3.2 through 3.4.1)
2 new apps released (Account Tracker and Meter Readings for Windows Phone)
1 new app platform (Windows Phone)

Some highlights by date …

December 26th, launched Meter Readings for Windows Phone

December 16th, finally added my most popular feature request – iCloud syncing in Account Tracker

October 17th, added printing support to Account Tracker

October 8th, launched Account Tracker for Windows Phone

September, added support for iOS 6 and the new retina display on the iPhone 5

August, added support for the new Dropbox APIs

July 16th, added limited support for Stocks and Shares in Account Tracker

March, added support for iCloud and the new retina display on the new (now old!!) iPad

Meter Readings 1.0 for Windows Phone is now available

December 26, 2012 Comments off

mrwpicon57 While Apple are having some time off (21st-28th), apparently Microsoft are working away! I am therefore really pleased to announce that the first public release (v1.0) of Meter Readings for Windows Phone is now available!

It builds on the design of Account Tracker to take advantage of the Windows Phone metro interface, and it looks fantastic! Many thanks to András (Velvárt) and the Response team for their development, especially for turning this around so quickly!

As it can take a day or so for new apps to appear on Marketplace, here is a direct link.

Backups (again)

December 20, 2012 Comments off


As its the apocalypse tomorrow, its probably appropriate that I remind you all about backups. 🙂

Your iOS devices are backed up regularly by Apple, either by connecting them to your computer (iTunes) or over iCloud (if enabled). This is always your first line of protection, however you shouldn’t rely on it alone. Apple only store a single backup per device, and there is no way to go back to a known point in time should the worst happen.

All of my apps have a built in backup solution. If you would be horrified at the thought of starting again from scratch, you should think about backups and how frequently to do them. For something like Account Tracker where you are potentially making multiple changes per day, you might want to backup every day or so, or certainly weekly (I do the latter). For other apps it might be less frequently.

Account Tracker has a backup reminder feature (turn it on and its then only 2 taps to backup). Meter Readings and Hill Lists can be configured to automatically backup to iCloud when you make changes.

Backups are a simple snapshot of your data, and initially they are stored on your device with the app. If you or someone else (e.g. a child or grandchild) deletes your app by accident, your backups are deleted too! To protect against this, you also need to think about exporting backups off your device.

Exporting can be done the old fashioned way (by email), or you could use a cloud based storage mechanism. The two I support are Dropbox and iCloud. If these are enabled, all new backups are automatically copied off your device for safekeeping.

I highly recommend thinking about backups, not just for my apps but for any piece of software you use regularly where you value your data (documents, photos … etc). Losing it all can be a disaster, and it really is simple and inexpensive to protect against it.

Even if the apocalypse happens …

Account Tracker 3.9 with iCloud Syncing is now available

December 16, 2012 Comments off

Added support for iCloud Syncing as an in-app purchase. Since all iTunes/AppStore purchases are per-user and not per-device, you only need to buy this once for all of your devices. When enabled, changes to your accounts, your main budgets and your transactions are synced between devices, with minimal user intervention (basically 2 taps on the receiving device).

I highly recommend making a new backup and exporting this off your device before enabling syncing!

Note that iCloud is really only suitable for individual users sharing data between their own devices. I will be adding support for Dropbox Syncing in a future release.

Minor improvements to the Accounts screen, to make showing/hiding hidden accounts more explicit. Instead of using the left arrow, I have added a Show/Hide button at the top right of the screen (but only if you actually have hidden accounts). The + button to add a new account is always available while editing.

The left and right arrows now scroll to the start and end of the accounts list respectively. This is possibly redundant if you only have a couple of accounts, but it keeps all the screens and behaviour consistent.

Other minor bug fixes and improvements.