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Account Tracker 3.9 with iCloud Syncing is now available

December 16, 2012 Comments off

Added support for iCloud Syncing as an in-app purchase. Since all iTunes/AppStore purchases are per-user and not per-device, you only need to buy this once for all of your devices. When enabled, changes to your accounts, your main budgets and your transactions are synced between devices, with minimal user intervention (basically 2 taps on the receiving device).

I highly recommend making a new backup and exporting this off your device before enabling syncing!

Note that iCloud is really only suitable for individual users sharing data between their own devices. I will be adding support for Dropbox Syncing in a future release.

Minor improvements to the Accounts screen, to make showing/hiding hidden accounts more explicit. Instead of using the left arrow, I have added a Show/Hide button at the top right of the screen (but only if you actually have hidden accounts). The + button to add a new account is always available while editing.

The left and right arrows now scroll to the start and end of the accounts list respectively. This is possibly redundant if you only have a couple of accounts, but it keeps all the screens and behaviour consistent.

Other minor bug fixes and improvements.