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Account Tracker for Mac update #3

January 3, 2013 Comments off

As previously indicated, this project had to be put on hold for 6 months, however I am now back on it “full time” … well, apart from a wasted 3 days dealing with the fallout from Apple’s buggy iCloud implementation!!

As you know iCloud syncing is now implemented in iOS, and the same mechanism will be used by the Mac version. This was a major piece of design work and it is now done. 🙂

I am pushing ahead with a lot of Mac UI work. Compared to the simplicity of iOS it is a bit of a nightmare! The account and transaction screens should be done in the next week or so, and I would then like to concentrate on getting something in place for the budgets and reports. The UI is about 80% of the work (does that surprise you?).

As a heads up, there is a LONG way to go before this is released. Most likely 3-6 months.

More updates will be posted as and when I make progress.