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Hidden features in Account Tracker

January 10, 2013 Comments off

Not strictly hidden! All but one of these features are right there in front of you, yet I keep getting asked questions from long term users who “didn’t realise you could do that”!

My first response to this problem was a post back in August covering some user interface tips. If you missed it, I would encourage you all to read it, even long term users!

Also don’t be frightened to tap on a button if you don’t know what it does. Nothing bad will happen, and if its not obvious, there is usually a popup that tells you. Note that some people don’t spot the buttons at the top left and top right of the screen, despite these being the two most obvious places to put them!

So … here are some “hidden” features …

You can change the balance view on the Accounts screen by tapping on the balance at the top.

You can tap on the blue buttons to the right of each row – go on, try it!

You can hide reconciled or ticked transactions by using the tick button on the account screen.

You can manually tick off transactions by enabling “reconcile by transaction” in the settings.

You can export transactions in CSV format, for importing into a spreadsheet. This can be done wherever you see the CSV button (at the top right of the screen).

Tap the date(s) at the top of the Budgets and Reports screens to change the date period. You can even set your own date range (e.g. to the tax year).

The Reports screen is actually 7 different screens – simply swipe left/right. The little dots at the bottom of the screen tell you where you are.

The app has limited support for look up stocks and share valuations – see this post for details. OK I agree, this one is not that obvious!!

Finally, remember everything is documented in the built in user guide – select Help at the top left of the Settings screen. Or visit my website.