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Account Tracker 3.9.1 now available

March 28, 2013 Comments off

This update is mainly COSMETIC, with some minor IMPROVEMENTS and fixes for all known BUGS (i.e. both of them!).

Fixed a potential crash when editing custom dates in the budgets and reports.

Changed the currency code MUR to have 2 decimal digits (an iOS bug that I am having to workaround!). If you are using MUR, PLEASE get in touch!

Added support for loading backup and CSV files directly into the app from other apps (e.g. Mail or Dropbox). As an example, if you have a CSV file in an email, tap and hold the file and choose to open it with Account Tracker. NOT SUPPORTED IN THE FREE VERSION.

Changed the default backup file extension to .atb to allow the above to work properly for backups (I need a unique file extension for each of my apps).

You can now set category budgets BEFORE you enter transactions. Also these budget categories are made available when entering new transactions.

On the backups screen you can now access both Dropbox and iCloud. If you do have both configured, new backups will be sent to iCloud only.

Slight colour change to the smaller text to help those who struggled to read it.

All “second row” text in the tables is now in italics (rather than my inconsistent use of italics previously). If you don’t like this change, you can turn it off in the ADVANCED settings.

Moved the “update rates now” feature to the main Accounts screen where it is most needed – simply pull down, hold and release to update. Note that you don’t really HAVE to do this manually but it is nice to have the option.

Removed the group and overall totals when viewing minimum balances (as they don’t make sense).

Layout improvements on the budget and list view screens.

Changed the balance graph for individual accounts to show the intra-day min and max, rather than the end of day balances (which is how this screen was designed). The graph itself will continue to show end of day balances as there is only one point per day.

On the settings screen, moved the advanced settings to the top right, and moved backups into the backups section (still visible on the first page though).