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Meter Readings 3.3.2 now available

April 19, 2013 Comments off

Minor update to add support for meters with 3 digits before the decimal point.

Fixed a calculation error when a reading wrapped back to 0 (I already handled the reverse case for meters that can go backwards).

Fixed the bar chart colours when comparing against the previous years figures. In rare situations I was assuming the previous year was 0 when in fact you hadn’t yet entered a year of readings.

Hill Lists 3.5 now available

April 16, 2013 Comments off

Added support for weather forecasts per hill, specifically for Scotland, the Lake District, the Peak District/Yorkshire Dales and Snowdonia. This information is provided by directly accessing the Mountain Weather Information Service webpages (, thanks to some much appreciated co-operation from Andy Ross. The implementation is fairly crude, as it simply maps the section the hill is in to the MWIS regions.

Completely changed the backend database to use the newly released version 13.1 of the Database of British and Irish Hills. This replaces the separate databases for Scotland, Isle of Man, Wales and England (DoBIH) and Ireland (MountainViews). I would particularly like to thank Simon Stewart from MountainViews for supporting a merge of their data into the DoBIH. Also Chris Croker and team for their excellent support.

NOTE: version 13.1 does include a change to the summit location of Beinn a’Chroin (Munro). There is a note in the app about this as it might well affect your Munro count (it did mine!).

The number of hills supported is now 7315. The only casualty is the MountainViews 150s list, which the DoBIH doesn’t support. To compensate for this, I have added support for the following new lists …

Scotland: County Tops, Donald Deweys, Graham Tops and Highland Fives
Isle of Man: County Tops
Wales: County Tops and Furths (replaces the 3000s)
England: County Tops and Furths
Ireland: Carns (replaces the 400s), County Tops, Hewitts, HuMPs, Marilyns and Myrddyn Deweys

You will also notice that the previous UK lists (other than the Trail 100) have been replaced by the equivalent regional ones (e.g. County Tops, Hewitts, HuMPs, Marilyns … etc).

Full details are in the User Guide (tap the settings icon).

Account Tracker 3.9.2 now available

April 4, 2013 Comments off

Reinstated (to some extent) the visual difference between reconciled and unreconciled transactions. However instead of using a very pale grey (that some people struggled to read), I use the same colour scheme as reconciled, but reduce the opacity of the colours.

Added a workaround to an iOS bug that told me a keyboard was being displayed when it wasn’t. The symptoms were a large black bar at the bottom of the account or transactions screen, most likely after pressing the power button then re-launching the app.

Many thanks to Steven Van den Borre for letting me know about the latter issue. I am convinced this used to work, and therefore suspect a recent iOS update …

Meter Readings 3.3.1 now available

April 3, 2013 Comments off

Fixed a bug when calculating costs across a rate change, specifically for the “since last bill” and “next bill” calculations.

On the backups screen you can now access both Dropbox and iCloud. If you do have both configured, new backups will be sent to iCloud only.

The app now supports up to 9 meters, even without the Power User upgrade.