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More Apple restrictions

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In a rather bizarre move, Apple have recently prevented the use of unicode characters in app descriptions on iTunes. I can sort of see what they are trying to do here, i.e. prevent people from simply including 100s of smiley faces, or other such characters that quite frankly make an app description look unprofessional. However the consequence is that they now don’t allow text such as …

★ Apple “Staff Favourite” in the UK, Jul/Aug 2010


✔ Track multiple accounts: checking, current, savings, credit cards, loans/mortgages … etc
✔ Separate your accounts into groups, e.g. personal vs business accounts
✔ Enter your recurring transactions using calendar-based repeat intervals, e.g. every 2 weeks, the last Friday of every month … etc

Instead we have to remove these simple but effective ★ and ✔ characters, and replace them with very (very) basic ASCII text like * and -.

I have owned Mac computers since the late-1980s, and even back then there was a wider choice of characters! Hopefully Apple can find a way to accommodate conservative use of “special” characters while preventing their over use.

Peak Scanner app (review)

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If you like my Hill Lists app for tracking your Munros … etc, you might like to try out a relatively new app call Peak Scanner. It uses the same hills database as Hill Lists, and it lets you use your device’s GPS and compass to see what hills you can see around you. Works pretty well on my iPhone 5 and its definitely worth the £1.49 it costs. It is available on iTunes now.

BTW, their icon (not the screenshot below) is a photo of Mt Taranaki (also known as Mt Egmont) in New Zealand’s North Island. I climbed that in more or less the same conditions in about 1990!

Screenshot …