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Getting started with my Meter Readings app

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Setting up your meters and rates can be a complicated business, not helped by your energy supplier! Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you get started …

1. From your last bill, simply enter your starting reading/date, and your ending reading/date.

2. Select the Readings row at the top of the main screen. You should see these two readings, with usage and cost figures between them.

3. Check the usage is calculated correctly (it should be your ending reading minus your starting reading). If it does not match your bill EXACTLY, you either need to set the conversion factor in the meter settings (common for gas meters), or you have changed the meter direction. Most meters count up, meaning your usage is calculated by subtracting one reading from another. However the app also supports counting down and/or assuming your readings themselves are your usage.

4. Once you have correctly got the app calculating your usage, take a look at the costs between these readings. Assuming you have entered your rates, the resulting amount in the app should be VERY close to your bill, within pennies. If not, chances are you haven’t entered your rates correctly. NOTE that it might be difficult getting an exact match. This is because the app is far more accurate than your supplier, not the other way round!

5. If you want to see how the app is calculating costs, go back to the main screen and select the Current row. This shows a breakdown for your most recent pair of readings.

6. Once things are working correctly for one pair of readings, you can start entering them as often as you like, the more frequent the better.

Note that the graphs screen shows usage and costs based on the CALENDAR, and not between any specific pair of readings. For instance a whole month could be calculated from many pairs of readings. By default your most recent usage and costs are extrapolated to the end of the graph. If you don’t want the app to do this, simply turn the extrapolate setting OFF.

If you are stuck, and the built in user guide or doesn’t help, please get in touch.