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Account Tracker 3.9.4 now available

August 7, 2013 Comments off

This is minor update with a couple of improvements and UI tweaks, specifically …

Added support for syncing group names and budgets. You will need to disable and re-enable syncing on all devices for this to work (otherwise I have no way of knowing that your groups are consistent between devices).

Added a new budget colour (yellow). This is only shown if your budget period includes TODAY, and is used to highlight potential overspend (or under income!), i.e. you are within your overall budget for the selected period, but if things continue you will not meet it. Think of it as an early warning.

Improvements to CSV export when showing splits.

Detect and allow empty recurring series to be deleted.

Enable the three transaction views by default (for new users).

Account Tracker 1.2 (for Windows Phone) is now available

August 2, 2013 Comments off

This is a minor update to fix a Microsoft bug that corrupted files downloaded from SkyDrive. I have tested this and it now seems to work fine.

Note that you might need to delete any files that you have already downloaded to the app from SkyDrive, before re-downloading them. It was the download process that was broken, nothing to do with the files themselves.

If in doubt, please ask!

Account Tracker for Mac update #6

August 1, 2013 Comments off

A couple of people have been asking about this recently so here is another update.

I have now released a small number of betas to around 25 people who are helping out with testing and providing useful feedback. The equivalent(s) of the account(s) screen, transaction screens, budgets and reports are all implemented and working well. It also handles exchange rate updates and stock valuations too (in the same way as iOS).

I am currently working on editing transactions and reconciling.

Other areas that need work are iCloud and Dropbox integration (including syncing), importing and exporting transactions (CSV), PDF reports and of course settings. It is still a good way off releasing as a paid for product, but I am shooting for before Christmas for sure.