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iOS 7 glitches in my apps

September 21, 2013 Comments off

Despite testing beforehand, and having a number of people actively using my apps with all the iOS 7 betas, a few issues are now becoming apparent. Its inevitable really, with the sheer number of iOS 7 users. 😦

Here is my current list of known issues …

1. Account Tracker: when you try to bring a new SECONDARY online, the initial sync from the PRIMARY might never happen. It seems it works some of the time, but more than likely, not. Fixed in v3.9.5.

2. Account Tracker: in the budgets and reports (list) views, if you select one of the rows to show the transactions screen, then leave that tab and later go back to it, the app has chance to crash. Fixed in v3.9.5.

3. Account Tracker: if you have iCloud syncing enabled, and have somehow managed to turn off the Documents and Data option in the main settings app (under iCloud), the app will crash when closing. You won’t notice this directly, apart from losing your recent changes. To fix this, turn Documents and Data back on. Fixed in v3.9.5.

4. Meter Readings: swiping between meters doesn’t work if you do this on the graphs themselves. It is fine on the iPhone though. Fixed in v3.4.

5. All Apps: transferring backup files by Bluetooth no longer works. Apple have deprecated the way I do this and replaced it with something that requires a complete rewrite. Bluetooth support was added many years ago as a way of copying backup files around, but it has since been replaced by the more convenient iCloud or Dropbox. I will disable Bluetooth support for iOS 7 and above in my next update(s).

6. All Apps: I have noticed a few minor glitches in the UI, e.g. grouped tables don’t rotate cleanly, almost certainly an iOS bug. Fixed in Meter Readings v3.4 and Hill Lists v3.5.1. I will be fixing Account Tracker in my next update.