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ATB Viewer for Mac 1.0 now available

January 10, 2014 Comments off

This is a companion app to Account Tracker for iOS that lets you view your iOS backup files and data on the bigger screen of your Mac!

It can automatically load your latest backup from iCloud, and apply recent changes if you are using iCloud syncing. Alternatively you can manually select a backup file to open (e.g. from Dropbox).

You then have full access to your accounts, budgets, reports and transactions. The only things you cannot do is add or edit transactions, or change (most of) your settings. These changes will come with the full version later in the year.

ATB Viewer can be found on the Mac App Store. While there is a charge for the app(*), I will almost certainly discount the full version of Account Tracker when it is first released.

I am very keen to hear your feedback and suggestions, as this will help me improve the full version! 🙂

* Note that Mac apps cost just as much (if not more) to develop than iOS apps, yet the available market is far smaller (perhaps only 10%). This is why a typical full-featured finance app sells for £15-£40 (US$20-$60).