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Account Tracker calendar input

February 9, 2014 Comments off

aticon57 Quite a few people have commented (or have left negative reviews) about me removing the calendar input from Account Tracker. The reality is I haven’t removed it at all, I just changed the default setting to use the iOS 7 scroll wheels (HINT: look in the Advanced Settings). The old calendar input looks very dated on iOS 7 and it really needs replacing.

I do appreciate that the scroll wheels don’t show the day of the week. This is an Apple limitation as they don’t provide a scroll wheel for date input that lets you see the day of the week as well as the full date.

The solution to all of this is a completely new iOS 7-like calendar picker. I have been experimenting with this today and have come up with the following (screenshot below). This provides all the functionality of the old calendar input, but it looks a lot nicer. It also supports jumping forwards and back a year at a time (using the double arrows).

It will be included in my next update, coming in a few weeks.

2014-02-09 05.53.33