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Hill Lists map support

May 19, 2014 Comments off

hlicon57 In the very beginning (v1.0), long before a licence agreement was made between Apple and Google, I used Cloudmade (open source) maps. However they were pretty slow (back then), so when Google maps were made available to developers, I quickly switched.

All was well until iOS 6, when Apple changed to their own maps behind the scenes. One reviewer even blamed this on me, when I hadn’t changed a single line of code!

So on to 2014. Google maps are coming back as an option in version 4.2, but there is more. I now support terrain view, which is FANTASTIC for viewing hills. Here is the full set of changes in my latest version, just submitted to Apple …

Added support for Google maps, including their terrain view. Just enable it in the settings and view maps as normal.

Moved to Google’s geocoding service to support searching for your location by name. The old service I have been using for 4 years was removed on 1st May without notice!

Added parent hills to let you search for all tops of a given hill.

The minimum iOS version is now 6.0.