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Account Tracker for Mac update #8

June 1, 2014 Comments off

I am just making a few tweaks to my ATB Viewer app, so thought I would provide a brief update on a full version of Account Tracker for Mac.

First of all I am very glad I got the viewer app out in January, not just because I knew the full version would take a LOT of extra work but because I genuinely think it is a useful companion app. Quite a few people have commented that they use it daily to see their data on the bigger screen of their Mac’s. As a reminder, it can do everything the iOS version can, except add and edit transactions. All the budgets and reports are there, and you can view all of your accounts and transactions.

As a side effect of releasing my first Mac app, it has given me a good insight into the relative size of the two markets: iOS vs OSX. Please read this post for an explanation of why Mac apps cost a lot more than iOS apps.

So where do things stand today? To be honest, I have been disappointed by how few users have bought my backup viewer (a few hundred at most). I am really using this number to gauge the size of the market, and to decide on a price for the full version. Fundamentally the more of you who buy my backup viewer, the sooner I will get round to developing a full Mac version, and the cheaper it will be.

As to when this might be, it really is up to you.