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September 27, 2014 Comments off

The AppStore has changed over the past few years, with falling revenues from new apps sales (around a 75% decline for me). Developers are having to find new ways of generating income, through ads, in-app purchases or simply developing more and more apps (and abandoning each one).

While I do have some in-app purchases for non-essential features, I prefer to support my work through ongoing updates (see Account Tracker – 60 updates and counting). As a user, you benefit from many new features, as well as ongoing bug fixes to keep up with iOS changes and new hardware. Sadly there is no viable revenue model for this. 😦

I have therefore added a donation button to my website to let users contribute. Here are a few scenarios where a small (69p/€0.89/$0.99) amount MIGHT be appropriate …

1. Apple come out with a completely new version of iOS that changes the underlying behaviour. This happened with iOS 8 causing two crashes in Account Tracker that could not possibly have been foreseen in advance.

2. Apple come out with new hardware, requiring development work to support. The iPad is the obvious example, however the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus all required code changes to be properly supported at their native resolutions.

3. Any update that adds a new feature you REALLY like.

Hopefully through new app sales, in-app purchases and donations, I might be able to make a living off this full time! 🙂

Many thanks for your ongoing support – it really is appreciated!

App Bundles in iOS 8

September 25, 2014 Comments off

aticon57 mricon57 With iOS 8, Apple have introduced a new marketing feature on the AppStore called App Bundles. This lets developers bundle and sell their applications together at a discounted rate.

I am not sure how well this will work, but I thought I’d give it a try. I have created a bundle of my two finance apps, Account Tracker and Meter Readings, at a discounted rate of £2.49 (UK) or $3.99 (US), i.e. 70-80% of the combined individual prices.

Note that this is not just for new customers. If you have purchased one of these apps, you can “complete” your bundle by simply paying the difference between the bundle price and the price you paid.

So if you have Account Tracker, get my Meter Readings app at a big discount (or vice versa).

See Accounts + Meters Bundle on iTunes.

Account Tracker 4.3.2 now available

September 24, 2014 Comments off

aticon57 atficon57 More iOS 8 compatibility fixes, including the two crashes. Both were caused by behaviour changes in iOS 8 itself that weren’t apparent in the many betas. As a reminder, all known issues are fully documented on my support page, with workarounds when available.

Added 1Password integration on the PIN entry screen. If you use 1Password, simply tap the icon to launch the app, copy your password, then return to Account Tracker to paste it in. This is a bit crude, but is all they support just now.

iCloud Drive and iOS 8

September 20, 2014 Comments off

With the recent iOS 8 release, Apple have introduced a new feature called iCloud Drive. This is a bit like Dropbox and promises to be a better way to interface to iCloud itself.

Unfortunately once enabled, all of your files are migrated and they become inaccessible to any device NOT running iOS 8, or the soon to be released Yosemite (OS X). This makes it a bit of a problem for apps that need compatibility between multiple OS versions.

For now I would STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to hold off enabling iCloud Drive, unless you can do without iCloud support in my apps.

Having said that, it appears as if iCloud Drive does work, but clearly only between iOS 8 devices.

Please see Apple’s FAQ on iCloud Drive.

Before updating to iOS 8, PLEASE READ …

September 15, 2014 Comments off

aticon57 atficon57 mricon57 hlicon57 iOS 8 is released this Wednesday, 17th September 2014. Before updating, please follow these tips to avoid any issues with my apps …

1. Make sure you upgrade all of my apps to the latest on the AppStore. Specifically 4.3.1 for Account Tracker (including the Free version), 4.2.1 for Meter Readings and 4.2.1 for Hill Lists. To find out the version you are running, pull up the built in User Guide (Help at the top left of the Settings tab on Account Tracker, or tap the Settings icon at the bottom right).

2. Make a backup from within my app, and export this OFF your device (by iCloud, Dropbox or email). An OS update is a MAJOR change, and if things go wrong, you need the ability to re-download your apps from scratch and restore your data. Without a backup you might not be able to do that.

3. Finally on Account Tracker, go to the Advanced Settings screen and change the “Group by” setting to by Month. This avoids the known crash as documented on my support page, and is a temporary workaround until my next update.

Thats about it. It should be a fairly smooth transition. Famous last words …

For the latest on any issues, please my support page.

Meter Readings 4.2.1 now available

September 14, 2014 Comments off

mricon57 Minor fixes for iOS 8.

Account Tracker – 60 updates and counting

September 5, 2014 Comments off

aticon57 atficon57 I was looking at the iTunes Connect developer portal and noticed just now many releases of Account Tracker there have been.

The first release (1.0) was on July 30th 2009, well over 5 years ago. Since then there have been no less than 59 updates, making v4.3.1 the 60th release! Pretty much one per month!!

26 of these have just been bug fix updates (including 4.3.1), but the remaining 34 have all added new features.

As we approach iOS 8, the AppStore is not what it used to be. Instead it is flooded with 1000s of apps that all do more or less the same thing. While the market is large, the available market for a single developer is dramatically smaller today than it was a couple of years ago. This is a huge shame for those of us who want to continue supporting what have been successful apps in the past.

Let us see what the future brings …

Account Tracker 4.3.1 now available

September 4, 2014 Comments off

aticon57 atficon57 Fixed the syncing issues I introduced in the last update.

Extended the new transaction workflow improvement to users who don’t use either the details field or the category field.

Fixed a layout issue to do with long category names overlapping the category button (again).

Other bug fixes, including iOS 8 support.