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Before updating to iOS 8, PLEASE READ …

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aticon57 atficon57 mricon57 hlicon57 iOS 8 is released this Wednesday, 17th September 2014. Before updating, please follow these tips to avoid any issues with my apps …

1. Make sure you upgrade all of my apps to the latest on the AppStore. Specifically 4.3.1 for Account Tracker (including the Free version), 4.2.1 for Meter Readings and 4.2.1 for Hill Lists. To find out the version you are running, pull up the built in User Guide (Help at the top left of the Settings tab on Account Tracker, or tap the Settings icon at the bottom right).

2. Make a backup from within my app, and export this OFF your device (by iCloud, Dropbox or email). An OS update is a MAJOR change, and if things go wrong, you need the ability to re-download your apps from scratch and restore your data. Without a backup you might not be able to do that.

3. Finally on Account Tracker, go to the Advanced Settings screen and change the “Group by” setting to by Month. This avoids the known crash as documented on my support page, and is a temporary workaround until my next update.

Thats about it. It should be a fairly smooth transition. Famous last words …

For the latest on any issues, please my support page.