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2014 highlights

December 31, 2014 Comments off

As 2014 comes to a close, I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year – hopefully 2015 will be a good one too!

Here are some personal highlights from the past 12 months …

  • My wife turned 50 and celebrated by completing her first marathon!
  • I climbed 47 new Munros (Scottish hills over 3000ft), finishing my 25 year round on 19th November
  • After 16 years, my ex-company decided to get rid of our entire group making 80 people redundant 😦
  • Unemployment was short lived as a competitor flew in and hired almost everyone! 🙂
  • I went on 173 runs, clocking up over 1500 km with almost 31 km of ascent

Some app highlights …

  • My website had 134,030 views from 43,603 visitors. These came from 163 countries!
  • There were 1945 comments, which probably means I answered close to 1000 queries (or 3 per day!)
  • iOS 8 was released. Still lots of bugs in Apple’s code, particularly around iCloud 😦
  • I launched a backup viewer for Mac but this hasn’t been particularly successful 😦
  • I did 25 (FREE) app updates throughout the year: 9 on Account Tracker, 7 on Hill Lists, 6 on Meter Readings and 3 on my Mac app
  • I am thinking about a rewrite of Account Tracker for 2015. We’ll see …

Now, its time for a beer I think … cheers!

(Shamelessly copied and edited from last year)

Munro stats

December 30, 2014 Comments off

hlicon57 Now that I have finished my Munros, I thought I’d pull together some stats of my round.

In the end it took me 131 hill days, giving an average of 2.15 hills per day.

The most I climbed on a single day was 7 (the South Glen Shiel Ridge, of course). I also did one round of 6 (east of Glenshee), four rounds of 5 (Lochnagar, Ben Lawers, the western Mamores and Mullardoch/Affric), 16 rounds of 4 (too many to list!), 15 rounds of 3, 46 pairs and 48 single hills.

I don’t have EXACT dates for 4 hill days (when I climbed 9 hills), but for the rest the three most popular months were July (63 hills or 23.1%), May (61 hills or 22.3%) and September (36 hills or 13.2%). Other months were August (27 hills or 9.9%), April and June (26 hills or 9.5%), October (17 hills or 6.2%), March (10 hills or 3.7%), November (3 hills or 1.1%) and February and December (2 hills or 0.7%). I don’t appear to have climbed any in January!

I only remember having two pairs of boots: Karrimor KSBs and a sturdier 3 season boot from Berghaus (both now worn out!). A small number of hills were done in Walsh PB Ultras and/or Inov-8 Mudclaw 265s, mainly in the summer months.

It would be nice to work out how far I walked and climbed, but that would take quite some time. I would guess at around 15-25km and 800-1000m ascent (and descent!) per day. Times 131 of course!

Importing transfer and split transactions

December 10, 2014 Comments off

aticon57 atficon57 By default, transactions are imported from a CSV file using a single row per transaction.

For transfers, you simply specify the “other” account in the details column in square brackets, and you control the direction with the amount (+ve or -ve). For example, to transfer 100.00 from your Current account to your Visa account, paid with cheque number 100001, use the row …

Current,10/12/2014,[Visa],Credit Card,Paid in full,100001,-100.00,Y

In version 4.5.1 onwards, I now support importing transfers from two separate rows. The above example can also be specified as

Current,10/12/2014,<Visa>,Credit Card,Paid in full,100001,-100.00,Y
Visa,10/12/2014,<Current>,Credit Card,Paid in full,100001,100.00,Y

The rules are that the rows need to be adjacent, the accounts need to be different (clearly), the dates need to be the same, the details fields need to specify the other account in angle brackets, the category needs to be the same, the notes (if specified) need to be the same and the cheque number (if specified on both rows) needs to be the same.

If the accounts are in the same currency, the amounts also need to be the same (but clearly one must be +ve and the other -ve). If they are in different currencies, you can now specify the two amounts separately.

Finally you can specify the reconcile flag separately per account.

Prior to version 5.8, it was not possible to import split transactions, but this is now supported using one row per category.

The rules are that the rows need to be adjacent, the accounts, dates, details, notes (if specified), cheque number (if specified) and reconciled flag need to be the same. Only the category and amounts should be different.

Account Tracker 4.5.1 now available

December 9, 2014 Comments off

aticon57 atficon57 These ongoing (FREE) updates can only continue with YOUR support. Please help by leaving a review on iTunes (since previous reviews are removed with each update), and by telling others about #AccountTracker on social media (e.g. Facebook and Twitter). Alternatively you can always make a donation on my website. 🙂

Added a small but powerful new feature that you might like (a lot). Please read the User Guide for details of this any many other features. Hint: advanced settings …

Added support for importing transfer transactions using two separate rows in a CSV file (one for each account). See my support pages for more details.

When stepping forward beyond 24 months, a right tap will advance to the end of current year and then forwards a year at a time.

Fixed a difficult to reproduce bug that might have caused transactions to be duplicated when using Family Sync. Apologies if you saw this issue.

If you are using iCloud for syncing, note that Apple fixed a lot of issues in iOS 8.1.1. Please update if you have yet to do so.

Other minor improvements.