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AppStore prices in Europe

January 10, 2015 Comments off

A few days ago, Apple adjusted all the AppStore prices throughout Europe. This is mainly due to changing VAT rules where sales tax now needs to be charged at the prevailing rate in the country of sale, rather than them using the lowest tax rate they could (15% in Luxembourg).

Apple have also made adjustments due to currency fluctuations, which they do from time to time.

In the UK, these price changes are as follows …

69p increases to 79p
£1.49 stays the same
£1.99 increases to £2.29
£2.49 increases to £2.99
£2.99 increases to £3.99
£3.99(?) increases to £4.49
£4.99 stays the same

Developers receive the sale amount minus VAT (Government’s share) minus a further 30% (Apple’s share), so a 79p sale generates 46p of revenue, a £1.49 sale generates 87p of revenue … etc.

For my own apps, Account Tracker is now £2.99, and Meter Readings and Hill Lists stay the same at £1.49. I have also reduced the price of the following in-app purchases …

Account Tracker “Personal Sync” is now £1.49 (the same as “Family Sync”)

Meter Readings “Power User” upgrade is now 79p