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Account Tracker 4.5.2 now available

March 15, 2015 Comments off

aticon57 atficon57 Mainly bug fixes and workarounds for issues introduced by iOS 8. 😦

When moving the app from the background to the foreground, fixed the grey screen issue that a couple of users reported.

When exporting transactions from an individual account, fixed an issue where splits might have been reported in the wrong currency.

Fixed a rare timing issue that might have caused conflict copies of sync files on Dropbox.

Added a workaround for a similar issue in iOS 8 when syncing over iCloud.

Added a workaround for an issue that prevented notifications from working for some users running iOS 8.

Finally, did you know that reviews for earlier versions of an app don’t count towards its overall rating? If my app is showing v4.5.2 and it doesn’t appear to have a rating, please help me by updating your existing reviews to this latest version. Many thanks!