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Apple Watch and Account Tracker

December 13, 2015 Comments off

Thanks to a number of recent donations, and the fact that John Lewis had them on sale(!), I finally bought myself an Apple Watch to see how it works … etc. For the record I went for a 42mm Sports model in black (pictured).

I have had it for just over a week now, and first impressions are mixed.

I do like the way you get notifications right there on your wrist, without having to look at your phone. Messages, IMs, email, WordPress updates … etc all ding at me, and often a quick response (e.g. OK) can be sent there and then. But to type anything in you need to revert to your phone.

For people who are not that active, I can see the activity app being useful. It tracks your movement and measures you against your daily goals. If you find yourself sitting down for long periods, it reminds you to stand up 10 minutes before the hour.

The major thing lacking (for me) is a GPS receiver. For example to track runs properly you need to carry your iPhone too, which is not ideal. However once it has trained itself, it can be quite accurate on its own. My Apple watch measured a 9km run to within 70 metres of my Garmin watch. Not bad!

The apps on the watch are not really full blown apps, they are more conduits for their matching iOS apps, with vastly reduced functionality and limited data entry. But this is to be expected I guess. Nationwide simply display your first two bank balances!

Which brings me on to why I bought it. I now have a VERY basic Apple Watch version of Account Tracker implemented. All it does is pick up your latest data to display your account balance(s).

For those of you very keen to see an Apple Watch version, what information would you like to see displayed? (*)

* six people responded. Overwhelmingly they wanted account balances (added in v5.0), but also past and future transactions, a list report of spending and income and adding the odd transaction.