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Account Tracker PRO – Watch screenshots

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My initial Apple watch version is quite limited in what it shows you, however until I get feedback, it is what it is. 🙂

This first screenshot shows a list of all of your accounts and their balances. If you reconcile by date, the balance will be today’s, otherwise it will be your reconciled balance.

At the moment the app shows all accounts, but in my next update I will get it to honour your hidden account settings.

The second screenshot is the glance view. The top figure is the total of your account balances (from above), taking into account whether or not to exclude a given account from your totals (the same as on your iPhone).

The bottom figure is the amount remaining on your overall spending budget (i.e. across ALL accounts). This should be the figure shown at the top right of your budgets screen. Clearly it also depends on which period you are looking at.

The graphic is a round version of the bars shown on the iPhone, red (outside) for spending, yellow (middle) for income and blue (inside) for transfers.

If you tap the glance view, it will launch the app to show your account balances.

Note that the watch gets the latest data from your iPhone at two specific times: when you close the iPhone app and when you launch the watch app. There can be a short delay before the figures are updated in both situations, especially the second one.