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Account Tracker PRO – automatic backups

May 2, 2016 Comments off

atp57 In version 5.1, I have introduced an automatic backups feature (PRO version only). This post tries to explain how it works.

As a reminder, your data in my app is only ever stored on your own device(s), nowhere else. If you don’t back it up and you lose your phone (or accidentally delete the app!), your data is gone, unless you are lucky enough to have a working iTunes backup (unlikely).

To avoid such a nightmare scenario, you should regularly back up your data. You can do this in my app, from the backups screen in the settings. There is also a convenient reminder option where the app will post a reminder to do a backup, and from there it is 3 taps to make a new backup, copy it to iCloud or Dropbox … etc and return you to where you were.

The automatic backups feature eliminates the reminder and the three taps. Basically the app knows when your last backup was made, and if it is older than the period you set (e.g. weekly), the app will make a new backup and copy it to iCloud or Dropbox according to your settings. This is done when you close the app (with the home button), in much the same way as sync changes are written.

When using automatic backups, the app will also delete your oldest backup for you (if you have at least 3), meaning you don’t have to keep cleaning up your backup list.

I have been using this for the last month, and it is pretty reliable. However if for some reason your automatic backups aren’t working (e.g. no network access), the app will remind you if a backup is a week overdue.

Finally when listing backups, I have changed the colours I use. A safe backup (meaning it is stored off your device, e.g. in iCloud or on Dropbox) is shown in black (as normal), whereas one that might only exist on your device (and therefore needs exporting) is shown in red.