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Hill Lists 4.6.1 now available

July 26, 2016 Comments off

hlicon57 Minor bug fixes, including an issue where parent hills were being displayed as numbers rather than their names.

From v4.6 …

Upgraded to version 15.2 of the Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH).

Added the 32 London Borough tops.

Meter Readings 4.4.1 now available

July 14, 2016 Comments off

mricon57 Minor bugs fixes.

v4.4 …

Added support for setting the meter conversion factor as part of a rate change. This is mainly for gas meters, e.g. where your meter units change from ft3 to m3. Adding a rate change on the day your meter changes lets you use a different conversion factor for each unit.

If your meter uses a single counter/reading, the most recent reading is now displayed on the Meters screen. This is useful when submitting readings to your supplier.

Account Tracker for Mac update #9

July 3, 2016 Comments off

It’s been a while, but I have been playing with OS X again!

My previous concerns regarding CloudKit were proven wrong, and I have now got an app that can get through an initial iCloud sync with my iOS device(s). You can see this in the screenshot below, with my iMac as a secondary device to my iPhone.

There is still a lot to do of course, however this is a major step forward. Next I need to get the Mac app listening for iOS changes (more or less done) and applying them to the data shown.

I then need to slowly work through some of the obvious editing that you might want to do on a Mac, and pushing these changes (via iCloud syncing) to iOS. The majority of this is just UI work, as the sync process is already working.

If you still don’t have my backup viewer, please consider buying it to show your interest (only a few 100 of you have so far). When I release a version that does two-way syncing with iOS, I will be creating an app bundle that will give all existing Mac customers a discount of the full price of the backup viewer, i.e. you will effectively get your money back.

There will be further updates as and when I make progress.


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