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A Week In Review

February 25, 2017 Comments off

atmac-64x64 Last Sunday afternoon, I finally had everything lined up and submitted Account Tracker for Mac to Apple for review.

On the Monday morning, I was being paranoid and decided I needed to add one more security feature, so I rejected my own submission. I added support for automatically backing up your data in the background, just in case a bug on the Mac corrupts your database and the changes are synced back to iOS. The Mac app can export these backups back to iOS over AirDrop. Phew!

I resubmitted the app on Tuesday evening at 9:40pm (GMT). It went into review at 11:29pm (surprisingly quickly), but I woke up on Wednesday to a rejection notification! The app violated one of Apple’s rules around iCloud.

I quickly added an alternative launch option to let users view a backup file, a bit like ATB Viewer, however I fully expect most (all?) users to enable syncing instead.

iTunes was down (or very slow!) on Wednesday evening, so it took until Thursday morning (7:13am) to re-submit my new app. It went into review at 6:43pm and by 11:06pm it was approved. Result!

Despite the setback, caused entirely by me not fully reading what is and isn’t allowed, I was impressed with the very quick turnarounds by Apple. A few years ago, each submission and review would have taken 1-3 weeks!

So there we are, Account Tracker for Mac is ready to be released. I have a few minor things to do in preparation, so I plan to do this next weekend.

Sorry for the delay.